You've changed...

For 25 years we were known as Island Women's Refuge so why did we change?  First and foremost because that name no longer reflects the work that we do.  The refuge is still an important part of what we provide, but it is now part of a range of services we offer.  We hope that the new name, Wight DASH (Wight Domestic Abuse Support Hub) will help us reach out to everyone on the Island who is affected by domestic abuse in all its forms.  

We work with all ages, female and male survivors and the children of survivors.  This may be in the form of one to one work, group work or a combination of the two.   Our work is based on an assessment of both risk and need, we truly believe that 'prevention is better than cure', so we would rather offer advice and support before the situation reaches crisis point.  

It may be that the abuse happened some time ago but it is proving difficult to move on from the experience - again, we believe we can help.  Unfortunately there is still a widely held belief that  domestic abuse is based on physical violence alone. That is far from the truth; we recognise that often emotional abuse and coercive control are much more harmful and the effects are very long lasting. 

We are still adding content to our new website.  If you have any questions that you cannot find an answer to on the website do contact us by calling 01983 825981. We are here to help!  You can check us out on Facebook too. 

Fiona Gwinnett