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There are some very sobering articles on line and in the papers about refuges and the lack of funding which makes it necessary for them to close. Here on the Island we still have a refuge which is very much still open and a comprehensive selection of programmes to help women to recognise and deal with domestic violence and abuse.

We are delighted that we now have the Women on the Wight or WOW open to Island women which will run various courses in everything from yoga to baking and will be open and available to any woman needing help or advice.

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Why do cities close refuges unless they want women to die?

Eva Wiseman

Eventually you get to a point in mid-adulthood, having digested a few newspapers and muted a few politicians, when you start to wonder: do cities actually want their women to die? Otherwise, why take these backward steps, cutting services so that more and more women’s refuges are forced to close? Backward steps – no, it’s more like being dragged through shrubland into a dimmer, darker place.